Friday, November 18, 2011

uptime.exe - another little way to make windows feel like home

As I'm sure we all know, the biggest flaw (debatable) in Windows is that, for historical reasons, the text based console is busted and neglected. Why? I have yet to find a support article answering this.

But MS, as well as the Open Source community, offers a few tools to make it feel like the real computer it actually is. Here's a handy one that needs little explanation. uptime.exe.  It does what you think it does. Nothing more or less.  For those non-unixen out there, it tells how long your box has been up since last shutdown/reboot.

Get it at

OK, in relation to our comment that the console is busted, we feel compelled to note that PowerShell, a new text interface for 7 and its server variants, is not busted, and might even be a super-ninja. But, we already had a set of tools to this, and they're universal. So, in addition to remembering/learning a crippled set of console commands for DOS, we get to learn a new one for Windows greater than 6.1.

PowerShell will be covered in a later article. We promise.

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