Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ads in Windows Media Player

A lot of superlatives have been heaped on Windows 7 since it’s first beta a year ago.  For the most part we agree with them, though we’re not without complaints. 

We’ve been giving windows media player a shot, a bit of microsoftware that generally avoided, because it was very cumbersome.  The current version is a lot more comfortable than versions seen in the past.  One complaint, though. 

The Media Guide contains completely random ads that have nothing to do with music or media services being offered.  While we understand the existence of ads in the Media Guide, perhaps ‘guiding’ us to media services, do users of the media guide really wish to see ads from monster and for various hygiene products within the interface.  Apple’s product never does that.   It just cheapens the feel of the product, making it feel like some low rent blog such as this, rather than a store operated by a premium vendor. 

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